Hi! This week I am talking to you about….WALLPAPER!
Don’t run away! I promise it’s easier then you think!

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Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring! It’s been a staple in interior design and architecture for centuries and it’s easy to see why! Timber flooring can lift a space in both property and aesthetic value, and it brings such an amazing texture into any space, with endless colour opportunities and layout options! Continue reading “Timber Flooring”

Top Tips for Kitchen Design

I can’t WAIT until Justin and I can finally renovate our kitchen!!! It is probably a fair way off, not for lack of ideas but for lack of money… #letsgobacktotrading #BC #bringbackthebarter Continue reading “Top Tips for Kitchen Design”

Destination: Japan – Harry Hedgehog Cafe

Harry the hedgehog cafe located in the Roppongi district is an awesome place to visit. I was hesitant considering animals were concerned, and I was worried about their well-being. I researched this cafe, among others before going, and I decided that this cafe seemed as though it kept its animals’ well-being at the forefront of it’s business model, and from what I can see after visiting the cafe, the hedgehogs are very well kept and looked after.

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What is a cool or warm colour??
This is something that is important to know if you are embarking on any colour type projects, but what makes a colour cool or warm? Does it depend on winter or summer?? How can you tell???

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