Demiurge Design is a concept I have been working with for the last four years (2014).
Demiurge means a creative force or decisive power, and this idea has stuck with me within both my personal life but also my professional, as when I think what I would like to stand for, or who I would like to be known as, strong and creative are two words that I would be more than happy to adopt!
Within my design work, creating functional pieces of art (interiors and other) which respond to sustainable qualities as well as responsible design are what I strive for. Within my personal life, being a powerful woman who can make decisions yet be original and resourceful is what I believe I have become, and will still develop and work on more and more each year. Demiurge Design and Demiurge Life, these words and their meanings are what I will aim for, these are what I will set my standards to in all aspects of my life.

Welcome to my blog,

Love Marleen xx