Tips for Painting

Tips for Painting

I work in a paint shop and I’m a creative person – so you can bet your bottom dollar I have done some painting in my time! The following is going to be a few tips that I think are incredibly important when you’re setting out to paint, whether it’s for a smaller DIY project or for the walls in your dream bedroom, here are a few tips…

1. Invest in good equipment

There is nothing worse than finishing a wall or tabletop and realising once it’s dried that you have left behind brush hairs. You sit there trying to pick them out of the dried paint and sometimes you’re lucky and they come out, until you realise that you’re not so lucky as they have left behind the impression of the brush hair…so basically you’re still where you were 20 minutes ago. This is one reason why you must invest in good equipment. Yes it means it will cost you more but it means your paint job will have a higher quality finish, and you will be able to reuse your equipment whenever your inner DIY-er bursts out.

2. Paint Roller

If you have a large space or have opted to use a paint roller over a brush I suggest de-fuzzing the roller if it is new, the best way to do this is to wash the new roller in warm water. If you are painting a wall with the roller be sure to have cut in first using a paint brush and then use the roller in a zigzag pattern before going over the paint again with long stokes. This will be your first coat, I suggest doing the same process for the second coat, especially if your wall is textured.

3. Quick Tip

You never want to leave your paintbrushes or rollers exposed to the air, as they will dry up and become unusable and sometimes un-washable, however, you don’t always want to wash your tools away, maybe you just want to take a break and have some lunch, for these instances I suggest covering your tools in plastic, making sure they are completely sealed. This keeps the paint wet and the equipment useable, but saves you 20 minutes of cleaning.

4. Stretching Paint

As tempting as it is to stretch your paint and finish the job without needing to buy extra litres, I highly advice against it! Doing this can leave your paint job looking faint, watery or blotchy, in the long run, it isn’t worth it….just buy another litre.

5. Storing Paint

If you have paint left over from your most recent job, its important to store it correctly, in order for it to last! Besides the obvious of storing it in a cool, dry space, it is also important to wipe away and paint that is on the rim of the can, as this can prevent you from being able to open it the next time you want to use it, and it can also prevent correct air tight storage. Another great tip is to place some plastic in between the can and the lid; this can add an extra air seal.

6. Weather Watch

Believe it or not, weather plays a large part when it comes to painting. If you are painting inside make sure to keep the humidity as low as possible, you can do so by running fans or by hiring a dehumidifier if the paint is going to take longer than 3 hours to dry. If you are painting outside, check the paint can for the suggested temperature, and if possible paint on a day when you know the temperature will be in the suggested range for 2-3 days.

If you have any other questions or would like to know more about anything I have mentioned, please comment below or on my YouTube channel, or email me at:

Marleen xxx

P.S Check out my Youtube channel for a DIY on painting pot!

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