Day in the life…

Its almost September!?!?!?!??!? WHAAAAAAT?

Whats new?
I am now a Colour Society Australia Student Ambassador! Which is super exciting, I will be working with the Queensland Chairlady as well as another student ambassador to brainstorm new ideas for education in colour for students and other fun projects! There is an event coming up in September which is taking place in Brisbane. I will pop the link at the end of this post if anyone is interested student prices are $75 for one day or $150 for both days. Email me at for tickets!

I have put together a day in the life, however it is from 4pm one day to 4pm the next day!
I will be putting another day in the life together that will be showcasing more of what a
design student’s day in the life is like, and then also another day in the life which is partly
my life and partly working with a client.

Hope you enjoy this one, I will be putting more helpful tips and tricks into the other ones mentioned above! 🙂

Love Marleen!

Youtube link to My Day In The Life:

Colour Society Event:

Click to access COLOURSPEAK-INTERIM-PROGRAM_19.7.16.pdf

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