DIY Succulent Jar

H a p p y  N o v e m b e r

Thanks to some friends of ours at a great home warming party back in June, we have been in possession of a pentagon shaped glass jar. The minute I opened the box I knew what I wanted to do with it, and finally I have had the time! I have called this DIY a ‘Succulent Jar’, as although it could also classify as a terrarium, I have only used succulents, minimal decoration and the glass is in the shape of a jar, rather than an egg…etc, but you can call it whatever you like!

Below you can download the photo guide on how to create this same look.

– Start with 1 layer of small stones or gravel
– Place 2 layers of soil on top of the small stones or gravel and pat down
– Create holes in the soil for the plants to be placed in (and make sure you are happy with the placement)
– Gently place the plants in and cover the roots (make sure to water the plants!)
– Finally, decorate as you please! – I used 3 large, smooth, white rocks to contrast the green of the succulents.

Tag me in any of your own creations!

Love Marleen xx


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