Cat Grass *UPDATE*

I know, I know, I have been M.I.A! One word: University!!!!
I have been documenting a lot of things however, so I will be editing and uploading a lot of content over the semester break. 🙂

The Cat Grass has been a major success, actually it has been so successful that Simba has almost eaten all the grass and hasn’t given the seedlings much of a chance!
(I have attached a video and some photos below showing the progress)

Suggestions from my experience:
– Allow the grass some days in between munches, especially if you are growing from seeds!
– Let your cat discover their new real estate on their own, they need to feel like they’re the boss, even if we know they’re not. 😉

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Positive Outcomes:
– Simba’s toilet habits have been very healthy!
– A frequent vomiter, he has only had one since the installation of his grass patch.
– Happy Kitty, the grass has become apart of the daily routine, and it brings me so much joy to see him enjoying something I made for him.

– Easy to maintain.
– Happy Cat.
– Cost Effective.

With the winter weather now looming in Australia, I will have to make sure the grass patch gets a lot of morning sun.
Until my next post, enjoy this video of Simba munching on his grass, please tag me if you re-create this project!! I’d love to see it!!

Love Marleen xx


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