DIY Light Fixture

This is an incredibly easy DIY created by yours truly. I have posted the video tutorial on Youtube (link below), which is in time-lapse form, showing the process of this DIY, including choosing the veneer.

What You Will Need:
Lamp Shade/s (I used a standard circular shade from Bunnings)
Timber Veneer (I used American Oak, this cladding could be replaced from a number of other options, such as material or rope…etc)
Stanley Knife
String/Velcro (to hold veneer in place whilst drying)
I suggest gathering all equipment needed before starting!

Step by Step:
1. Remove any material from the lamp shade/s and clean
2. Measure the veneer to size of lamp shade/s
3. Cut veneer (be careful not to tear it)
4. Apply glue to veneer and apply to lamp shade/s
5. Once all is applied, wrap around your Velcro String,
or whatever you have chosen, to hold everything in place
whilst the glue dries.
6. Allow 24 hours for glue to dry then unwrap and enjoy!

If choosing a timber veneer, look for a grain you really enjoy, as well as
taking note of the tonal variations.
Be sure to balance the amount of glue used, this really is a case of not
too much and not too little!



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