Design Crawl

The DIA (Design Institute of Australia) is a great organisation for, design students especially, to sign up with, in order to connect with design professionals, learn tricks of the trade and participate in events such as the 2016 Brisbane Design Crawl…

From personal experience, I WISH I would have known about the DIA when I first started my degree in 2013, especially seeing, as whilst you’re a student you only pay one fee for your entire degree!  :\ Oh well, at least I can help any design students now to take a peak into this organisation and see what it’s all about!

In April of this year (2016) I attended a Design Crawl organised by the DIA, it was free for members and non-member tickets cost $20, which believe you me I certainly made back in wine and cheese!!
12963943_851451781633730_4292890631868536772_n     12919869_851450771633831_3712028407061264182_n
The crawl started at Prospect Studios in Fortitude Valley, where we were introduced to the night ahead of us, as well as listened to a presentation about the evolution of the studio space, which has been designed into a wonderful place for work, play and peace.
89f17982-a843-452d-b2d3-f93b052cd725     12961635_851453008300274_3115488113497764341_n
Afterwards, we walked our way to Pop Concrete, which designs AND manufactures polished concrete products such as benchtops and homewares. (Side note – I love anything concrete related, within interior and product design.)

Thirdly, the PDT Architecture Firm was visited, this had to be my favourite of the night as it was somewhere I could really picture myself working! We had a talk from 4 main ladies and got to explore their rooftop garden area where they do weekly activities to keep group moral strong, such an excellent idea!

12928434_851453421633566_8377989812356561447_n     12985559_851454294966812_4708712480892369300_n
Finally we made our way to Buchan Group Architects, where we indulged in more wine, beer and food and got to explore the artwork, design drawings and models and had talks from the main men who have been involved in some major design projects.

Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the event! Check out my instagram for links to the design companies we visited and DIA website/facebook. Username: 19marleen

Love Marleen xx





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