DIY Cat Grass

This is a simple project that your kitty is guaranteed to love!FINALFINALFIANL

Upon moving from a house with a garden to a city apartment my boyfriend, Justin, and I decided that Simba, our gorgeous cat, needed some greenery to chew on. Below is a step by step guide including a photo story on how to DIY your very own cat grass for your little fury friend.
What You’ll Need:
– Fertiliser
– Soil/Potting Mix
– Cat Grass Seeds
– Shovel (hand held)
– Container (we used the base plate of a pot)
– Cat Grass Seedling (for your cat to munch on while the seeds grow)

How To:

Step 1: Spread a layer of soil/potting mix, we used Richgro’s ‘All Purpose Garden Soil Mix’.
Step 2: Sprinkle a layer of plant fertiliser over the soil, this will promote healthy soil and will feed seeds, seedlings and plants. We used Hortico’s ‘Plant Fertiliser  for Flowers, Fruit and Vegies’, which is a slow release formula that feeds for up  to 4 months.
Step 3: Repeat step one and two twice more.
Step 4: Open seed pouch carefully, as not to spill any seeds and spread evenly on top of soil.
Step 5: Cover with layer of soil.
Step 6: Dig a hole in which to place any plants/seedlings you have purchased and plant them.
Step 7: Be sure to cover any root systems and pat down soil around the base of any plants/seedlings and water!


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