Who wants to go to Belgium?! Trust me, you’re going to love this edgy piece of city architecture…

The Ghent House, designed by Steven Vandenborre and Miass Architecutre of Belgium, is a four floor piece of angled genius. One of the most distinguishing features of this design are the windows, created to give multiple perspectives of the beautiful city outside.
The Details:
Size: This building was designed for a narrow plot in an apparent up and coming neighbourhood. It is a classic example of how “designing up” can help to overcome multiple spatial problems. By “designing up” this narrow block includes an entire bottom floor as a garage and three floors of living space, including a penthouse styled suite on the top floor and even a roof-top terrace!
“This compact family house is conceived as a stack of three angular glass volumes, sitting on top of a solid base,” said the architects.
Material: Bricks and Glass. The garage is enclosed entirely in black brick and in the living areas there are wonderful white brick walls, contrasting beautifully with the timber flooring. The flooring is not the only thing dressed in timber, the cabinetry is dressed in both light and dark timbers, bring a rich and grounded feeling to the space. The pièce de résistance however are the windows, the floor to ceiling windows, the floor to ceiling angled windows. These windows have been designed be facing adjacent angles and opposing angles, in order to deliver an amazing statement! They have been designed without visible framework, which adds to the grandeur and interest of the exterior.

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I think the Ghent House is absolutely stunning, and I think the glazing façade is a stroke of genius, BECAUSE of its’ simplicityThere are no pink coloured bricks, or an over the top neon sign, this home fits into its surrounds and yet stands out! It is seamless and purposeful…I think it would fit beautifully, if incorporated into other spaces/designs…and to be honest, I would even love it for my future house!


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Love Marleen xo

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