Hi! This week I am talking to you about….WALLPAPER!
Don’t run away! I promise it’s easier then you think!

Wallpaper has literally been hanging around for centuries! (Pun intended)
European wallpaper has been used since the 16th century, and the Chinese used decorated rice paper way before that!! Wallpaper became really popular in the Renaissance period, of course – it was the age of textiles!! As with all things, the increase of popularity meant that wallpaper could be produced at a cheaper cost, and was used as an alternative to textiles for decoration of walls, tables and doorways. Mid Century Modernism brought with it white walls, and so the beautifully handwoven wallpapers were stripped down or painted over. As technology progressed, wallpapers were able to be made with a more durable backing, longer lasting dyes, and the application and removal of wallpapers became easier. (Which a lot of people still don’t realise – it’s not as hard to apply as it was in the 16th century!!) The great thing about wallpaper in the 21st century is that we have the ability to use the most amazing patterns, vibrant colours, and extraordinary details!

So, where can you buy wallpaper? Pretty much everywhere! There are shops that are dedicated to selling only wallpaper, and some that only have a little…even places like Bunnings have a small wallpaper section! What can you expect in pricing you ask? Well….. to be honest it can REALLY vary, from $20 – $1000 per roll. In the past however, wallpapers have been known to sell for upwards of $50,000!!! Say Whaaaaat?

If you can’t find your perfect wallpaper, don’t fret, custom wallpapers are available. In fact if you like I can make one for you! (Along with custom fabrics and custom wrapping paper – marleen.sitchenko@hotmail.com)

Quick Tip
Check out if the wallpapers have been tested under AS/NZS 3887:1998. Look out for Heat and Smoke tests, as well as the materials and products used.

Caring for your wallpaper can come with challenges. The following is a list of the biggest DON’Ts when cleaning all types of wallpapers.

– Do not use abrasive cleaners!
– Do not use active solvent based cleaning agents, chemical ingredients or lacquer thinners!
– Do not use bleach, or products that contain bleach!
– Do not use hard scrubbers on the surface of the wallpaper!

Check what type of wallpaper you have, to find out the best way to clean it. There are many different types ranging from vinyl to anaglypta, and of course they all have different cleaning styles!

If you’re planning on hanging the wallpaper, DIY style, rather than paying for a professional, the following are my suggestions:

–  Take the whole day off…start early, have coffee and make sure to finish before you go to sleep.
–  Check all your rolls for any discrepancies before starting to glue them to the wall!
–  Make sure you have a either a laser or a good old plumb bob to ensure that your wallpaper is being hung straight.
–  Use the recommended glue – always.
–  Speaking of glue, make sure to wipe any excess that escapes from the joins.

We’ve recently wallpapered ON OUR BALCONY…video coming to my youtube soon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn4w14MULf7MPSeNnf6Ic4Q
I hope this helps any of you keen to try wallpapering. Even if you’re not convinced..check out some recent wallpaper books, I’m positive you’ll fall in love with the colours, patterns and details you find!

Happy Wallpapering.

Marleen xo


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