Top Tips for Kitchen Design

I can’t WAIT until Justin and I can finally renovate our kitchen!!! It is probably a fair way off, not for lack of ideas but for lack of money… #letsgobacktotrading #BC #bringbackthebarter

I feel so strongly about having an amazing kitchen because it REALLY is the heart of the home! The warm and fuzzies come from baking with your parents or grandparents, or from cooking a meal for someone you love. I dream of one day having a beautiful open, super functional kitchen where I can cook and bake and still be able to see the craziness that will be my family. (I can call myself crazy, it’s fine guys.) In saying that, the space will need to be able to hold many cooks in the kitchen because not only do Justin and I love cooking together, but you can be sure we will be teaching our kids how to cook from a young age!

Coming back to the present day, I want to transform our current kitchen into something a lot more functional… and prettier, I have a lot of tips to share, through countless hours of researching and moodboarding away…here are my top 10 tips for kitchen design.

  1. Think Of Storage As If You’re A Mouse – by this I mean find every space you can and USE it! You can take storage up to the ceiling, you can create storage in your kickboards, and you can have secret cabinets that pull out instead of to the side!
  2. Good Lighting – Good lighting not only opens a space up, but also makes every area within your kitchen usable. The last thing you want is a beautiful island bench but no light on one end! Good lighting can also be the difference between your colours and finishes looking the way they did in the showroom and looking just average.
  3. Clutter Free Benchtops – With good lighting comes the ability to see everything…this is a good thing, unless of course you have a messy benchtop. By having a clear benchtop you maximise workspace, and it keeps your kitchen looking sleek and new.
  4. Appliances Choose What You Use – Make sure you select the appliances you need and will use, because they are very difficult to store, especially in a smaller space. Don’t buy a coffee machine if it will only sit on your benchtop and be used on special occasion!
  5. Cabinet Doors – Don’t forget that there are many more options in cabinets, then a standard door that opens to the side, you can go up, down, or the door could be a false and the whole cabinet could move out! Don’t give up on a tricky corner, there will always be a solution!
  6. Know What You’ll Be Storing – It sounds tedious but making a list of every item you need to store will help you in a MASSIVE way. It means you will know how much space you need, and to what measurement. It will REALLY help you find your perfect fit.
  7. Multi-Use – An island bench top doesn’t just have to be a place to prep food, but also a place to serve, chat, or do work! Similarly the cabinet under the island bench doesn’t just have to be a flat back surface, think of cutting into it to create a space for storage of cookbooks or just a nice place for décor items.
  8. Sleek Look – Sleek is best, for example if you’re going for a butlers pantry, why not hide it behind a cavity slider, made of the same material as the wall it sits on?! It’s a great opportunity to use a colourful pop of coloured paint, or a timber veneered wall!
  9. Always Have A Stool Near By – Everyone needs a leg up from time to time! Stools are handy and can be customised easily to keep within the theme of your kitchen. There are classes all around for furniture painting like this one at Porter’s Paints, or if you would like to work from the comfort of your own home, check out YouTube tutorials!
  10. Finishes Make A Space – Samples are amazing because they are little windows into the soul…of your design! Get samples from showrooms or online, and take them to your space, look at them during the day, afternoon, and night time if possible. Seeing the sample in your space is obviously a true reflection, whereas in the showroom everything is flooded with white lights! Samples are also great when needing to pick other finishes such as paint colour, appliance’s or flooring…just be sure to remember to take the samples WITH you when you do your shopping! 

I hope you liked my top tips, and that it helps you create your dream kitchen, whether that’s tomorrow or in a few years time! Let me know which tip is your favourite, or comment if you have any advice you would like to share!

Happy Designing!

Marleen xox

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